Discretized Time Variable

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Discretized time variable is a function variable which extracts relevant and understandable information from a time variable. You can select different formats such as Year, Month numeric and symbolic, Day of the week numeric and symbolic, among other options.

You can use a discretized variable as a condition for a visualization graph.

To create a discretized time variable:

  1. Click Transform > Discretized time variable in the menu.
  2. Select Time unit, usually it is automatically detected. Options: Unix time (s), Unix time (ms) and Excel time. 
  3. Enter Language, which influences the language and format of the symbolic output variable (month, day), selection among: English (en-US) and French (fr-FR).
  4. Enter Time zone, see the following: Time Zone.
  5. Select the Output format
    • Select All 
    • Year 
    • Quarter 
    • Month (num.) 
    • Month (symb.)
    • Day (of the Week, num.) 
    • Day (of the Week, symb.) 
    • Year-month 
    • Year-Quarter 
    • Second (of the Day) 
    • Second (of the Year) 
    • Hour
    • Hour of week
    • Hour of year 
    • Week of year 
  6. Select Variable set, if required. 
  7. Select Time variable, usually it is automatically selected. 
  8. Click Save.