DATAmaestro® is a powerful cloud predictive analytics tool that transforms enterprise data from complex problems into working solutions. It combines proven analytic tools (extract, analyze, select, filter, model and report) with a powerful data management kernel.

DATAmaestro meets and exceeds current industry standards and best practices available today for data mining technologies, performance management, tailored key performance indicators, and automatic drill-down.

This user documentation is provided to help you use DATAmaestro quickly and discover what is hidden in your data. If you require additional information, please contact our technical support group at or visit our website for additional help and user forum at 

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About PEPITe

PEPITe was founded in 2002 as an offshoot of twenty years of development and experience in applied data mining technology carried out by the Machine Learning Laboratory at the University of Liege in Belgium. PEPITe means nugget in French. Our flagship products, DATAmaestro® and ENERGYmaestro®, are the key to uncovering the nuggets of key information hidden in our clients' data and achieving optimal operational efficiency.

Today, with clients and strategic partners on three continents, PEPITe is forging a new future for predictive analytics in industry.

Compatible Browsers

To run DATAmaestro, the version of your browser must support HTML5.

  • Google® Chrome
  • Mozilla® Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 

Technical Support  

PEPITe's ongoing maintenance and support for DATAmaestro includes a minimum of four updates a year, a hotline service, and email assistance for related problems and questions. Helping you find your solution, helps us improve our product.

To contact a specialist or get technical support, you can reach us in Belgium at:

Customized Training

Registered users have access to PEPITe's DATAmaestro Cloud Analytics training package of five webinars. Expert instruction helps users understand the exploration techniques, predictive models, and methodology of data mining projects. Content for each webinar is custom fit using the participants' own data. For more information, contact PEPITe sales team at

Premium Support 

PEPITe also provides on-demand support to help users maximize the value and features of DATAmaestro cloud analytics. Registered users at the premium level receive support from a committed team of PEPITe professionals. Premium support for large projects can be defined with a statement of work and include site visits. For more information, contact PEPITe sales team at