Sensors data are the main source of information in manufacturing industry. However this information is not always very easily accessible and therefore not always used at its full potential. It is not always stored in databases and if historians are available, extraction of "big data" for further analysis is very often inefficient and unusable.

DATAmaestro lake is an affordable easy to use solution to merge and store timestamped sensors data. It provides basic visualisation and statistics as well as capability to extract and prepare data tables that can be automatically published in DATAmaestro Analytics web service. Computed tags can be also defined to compute indicators on the fly. 


DATAmaestro lake は、タイムスタンプが記載されたセンサーデータをマージおよび保存する目的で設計された、手頃な価格帯の使いやすいソリューションです。基本的な視覚化と統計情報のほかに、自動的に DATAmaestro Analytics Web サービスに公開できるデータ表を抽出および準備する機能を備えています。計算されたタグを定義して、その場で指標を計算することもできます。