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It takes time and creativity to build transformations, new variable or record sets, and predictive models for a project. These subsets of data are important elements in DATAmaestro, and may also be useful for reporting purposes. The data export feature lets you use the subsets of your transformed database outside of DATAmaestro.

Data Export

For more information, see the online learning platform

Data export files are saved in CSV format in the Downloads folder of your computer.

To export data:

  1. Click Reports > Data Export on the menu.
  2. Enter Name
  3. Select a Record set (Optional) or accept the default (All Records).
  4. Select variables from the variable picker. 
  5. Click Save to preview your selection in the tabs: Summary and Data. To make changes, click Edit.
  6. Click More Actions > Download data, to download a .CSV or DMFF file and use it outside of DATAmaestro. Click on CSV (US “,”used as a delimiter or EU “;”used as a delimiter) or DMFF. Save it, if required by your browser.

titleExport a visualization

To export a saved visualization, open the chart file from the sidebar and click Export to PNG.